Several days ago, I bought three books AGAIN!!







《Peaks and Valleys: Making Good and Bad Times Work for You--at Work and in Life》

When I was a freshman in college, I read "Who moved my cheese?" once.  I liked it very much.  And now the same author, Spencer Johnson, has latest work: Peaks and Valleys.  It cost me a lot of money to buy an original copy. I hope this one is as wonderful as the former story.= =



《Grammar Girl' s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing》

Speaking of this book, I saw Chenhen, recently, mentioned a book named "文法妹" in her forum, and I think this book is the English version of that book.  What a coincidence!  It is truly a good book to learn how to select and use right words and grammars in writing though I just begin browsing it through.  Learning how to make every word tells is never an easy work. So, read and get experience from others like this one. Coz using right grammars is more important than using grammars right.  Truly hope I have enough time finishing reading it.


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