When Dahlia asked me about what the lounge music is, I am also curious about this issue even though I don't know much about it. After searching some information from the internet, I know lounge bar music is a kind of life style and life culture, but not a certain music form. Lounge music contains many sorts of music styles. The music styles in the following list are some lounge music elements I collected from the net. 

#1 House
#2 Deep House
#3 Ambient
#4 Down Tempo
#5 Trip hop
#6 Big Beat
#7 Broken Beat
#8 Chill Out
#9 Nu Jazz
#10 Jazzy Drum n' Bass
#11 Jazzmental:較強調其美感或人文的一面
#12 Hip Hop
#13 Abstract Hip Hop
#14 Bossa Nova
#15 Drum'N'Bass
#16 Latin
#17 Electronica

Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol.9:以"未來爵士"為收歌概念的專輯

Besides, I find a couple of useful and informative websites as well. They have good introduction on this issue and are worthy of taking a look.

1. 貓誌:馳放(Chill-out ) - 沙發(Lounge)音樂 Click me
2. Lounge music Click me
3. lounge lounge lounge Click me
4. Open ur Mind*Touch ur Soul*Chill Out ur Body Click me

I think these information can give anyone interested in lounge music some rough understanding. Hope you can enjoy it. Coz I've learned some from those websites.

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