The Red Tree (緋紅樹) is a picture book I saw Sophie mentioned in her blog.  
I'm quite interested in this charming picture book.
But the price of English version is too expensive for me.
Maybe I'll buy one (Chinese-English version) published in Taiwan.
That would be cheaper than the original version. XDD

The words in the book are filled with positive energy.
Illustrations are very beautiful as well.
Both words and pictures inspire and enlighten me a lot.
I'm lovin' it.

There are some Info. I got from the internet.

Click me to see some words in the book 

Click me to see the illustraions in the book

Click me to see a theatre production of The Red Tree

Click me to see Shaun Tan's official website (陳志勇)
(An author and illustrator of The Red Tree)

It is a very cute website, containing ohter Shaun Tan's works.

The following introduction comes from the


---------- 美國學校圖書館月刊書評

  作者陳志勇(Shaun Tan)的繪本作品極富創意。《緋紅樹》的每一頁都是令人難忘的藝術作品,它們結合了華麗的想像、多重的藝術美感,以及顯著的個人特色。除此之外,它的意涵是多層次的,那些感人的圖畫,成功地詮釋了一個孤寂的心靈。這本書不僅描寫「晦暗時光」,也蘊含著希望和自我提昇。

----------- 澳洲Quality Time書評

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