Retrospecting the past twenty seven years, how many roads have I walked through?

And now I am in the interim of my life.

This is an embarrassing age, an age between a boy and a man.

I have to say I made a lot of bad decisions in the past few years.

That's one of reasons why I trapped in this nasty interim.

Why am I writing these things?

Shit! I have to forget all these murmurings.

Screw those negative thinkings.

Today is my BIRTHDAY!

I am the boss TODAY!

I want to do whatever I want.



Forget everything bothering me. delicious meals

Buy myself a little present. = =

Wish today is my lucky day and full of joy and happiness!

Here I come, my B.Day!


Footnote: jot down by 19:20 today

Today is a beautiful day.

My mood is beautiful too.

But my physical condition isn't beautiful!

Since yesterday, I have a headache until this afternoon.

So I almost stay at home all the day.

However, I feel much better now.

What a boring and ordinary day!!

But Dai Jo Bu...totally Dai Jo Bu...

Coz...I have another BIRTHDAY! 
(basic on the lunar calendar XD) Ha...ha...ha...

And it is coming soon.

(Please don't punch me =.=)

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