Cat's Tail is a famous bakery wide-spread on the internet, locating in Chia Yi. I have been hearing a lot of its delicious bread, puffs, and cakes ever so tasty. Today, hence, I went to buy some to eat in person.

Pic:) These are the white chocolate puffs. $15 Per One.

And then, I took a bite. Awesome, the puffs were stuffed with so much white chocolate.

The white chocolate were not icky.

It is a perfect dessert for children and old people.

I also bought some other bread.

This one is called "奶露."  Each one costs $35.

 Filled with cream, you have to eat it with little plastic spoon.

The cream is ever so smooth. 

I have to say it so delicious. Better than its famous puffs.

And they are the bread named "炸蛋." Six in a bag. A bag costs $35.

They are just some chocolate bread, but not bad to taste.

To sum up, the bread in Cat's Tail are very tasty.

So the bakery is often filled with people.

This is a very small shop, but it has five workers.

From that you can see how acclamied it is.

After all these little introduction, you, by now, may want to try to eat some by yourself.

Just do it. I believe they won't let you down. 

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