I, lately, am fascinated by a song called"Angel on my shoulder (守護天使) " 
It is a song recorded in Gareth Gates' (葛瑞蓋斯) new album: Pictures Of The Other Side.
I am fond of this song very much, for as often as listening "Angel on my shoulder" it more often than not brings peace to me.
This is the song that Gareth Gates especially sang for his mother. How lovely!

Here is its MV and the lyrics follow behind.

YouTube MV 欣賞:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS7T5YVrRgM


My life was flashing before my eyes
我的人生 在眼前閃過
A second later and I woke to realize
下一秒鐘 我清醒過來
My heart had crashed and burned in shame
我心已碎 被烈火灼傷
You pulled me from the flames
是你 拯救了我
I took your hand and you
是我 握住你手
Helped me up on my feet
I confessed but you had forgiven me
我認錯 你早就原諒我
There’s courage in the truth you said
你說我 面對需要勇氣
Our love will never end
我們的愛 直到永遠

You shield me from danger
你的翅膀 讓我遠離危險
You’re my shelter
You are my hiding place

There’s an angel on my shoulder here tonight
守護天使 今晚來到我身邊
Making sure that I’m alright
關心著我 是否安好
When I’m fallin’ fast you rescue me
我跌倒 你奮不顧身
You love unconditionally
你的愛 毫無保留
And when I’m cold and so alone
Back in your arms I feel at home
到你懷中 有著家的溫暖
I pray that you will always be
我祈禱著 你永遠是
The guardian angel sent for me
落入凡間 我的天使

My dream comes between us every now and then
我的夢想 有時會傷害我們
I make mistakes, get in trouble time and again
我的錯誤 讓問題不斷湧現
I ain’t proud of who I am
When I’m down you understand
Blinded, you can always
看不清 只有你
Seem to show the way
You’re the light
You’re the reason I’m here today
你是力量 支持著我
If you cry I will cry
如果你悲傷 我會流淚
So dry your eyes

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