Do you know the world of the vegetarians?

How many types of them do you understand?

Usually, vegan (veggie)  means different things to different people.

Carefully speaking, we can define them in some aspects: strict vegetarians or vegans, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians, fruitarians, sproutarians, raw foodism, pesco-vegetarians, pollo-vegetarians, pesco-pollo vegetarians, partial vegetarians, semivegetarians.

#1 Vegans
(strict vegetarians, pure vegetarians, total vegtarians), avoid all foods of animal origins, including dairy pruducts and eggs; further, they don't so much as wearing things derived from animalswool, silk, leather.

#2 Lacto-vegetarians, who eat dairy products but avoid flesh foods.

#3 Ovo-vegetarians add eggs to their diet.

#4 Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat both dairy products and eggs.  Lacto comes from the Latin word for "milk"; ovo for "egg".   It's fulfilling without killing.

#5 Fruitarians eat only foods of plant origin, say, fruits, nuts and seeds. 

#6 Sproutarians eat a diet built primarily around sprouted seeds, such as bean sprouts, wheat sprouts or broccoli sprouts, but usually supplemented with other raw foods.

#7 Raw foodism, excludes anything cooked past 118°F, the point at which enzymes begin to be destroyed. Some practitioners believe that Jesus ate mostly raw foods.

#8 Pesco-vegetarians, also called non-red meat eaters, eat fish, dairy products, and eggs..  (Pesco means fish.)

#9 Pollo vegetarians eat vegetables, poultry, and typically eat eggs and consume dairy in small quantities.  They prohibit eating of fish.

#10 Pesco-pollo vegetarians eat both fish and poultry and typically consume dairy and eggs in small quantities.  They only prohibit the eating of mammals.

#11 Partial vegetarians, compared with pesco-vegetarians, have distinct unances.  They may eat a vegetarian diet at home with vegtarian friends or family members and only eat meat when they're out with non-vegetarian friends.

#12 Semivegetarians, who frequently but not systematically avoid meat and dairy.

In the Church of Veggie, these are the Unitarians. Pesco-vegetarians eat fish (because fish don't have sophisticated nervous systems). Pollo-vegetarians eat chicken (because, well, they just like chicken).  The last five types may represent a healthy diet, but they are not, strictly speaking, vegetarians.

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