Finally, I passed this big exam. As far as I am concerned, it's TRULY a vital indicator for me.
When I know conclusion from the internet yesterday, I almost couldn't believe I have passed it till I received the transcript today. This transcript for me is not noly the prove of my ability and hard studying, but a reward to these people who take good care of me for a long time.
I, eventually, can take out some good news for them. So this outcome really means a lot to me.

As for the score I got, I just can say each subject brought a lot surprise to me. What I think I can do it good is not truly that good, what I think I can't do it good is totally contrary to my guessing.
In terms of muti-choices, I think I was up the average; Q&A, out of my surprise, also up the average. I only can say: "I'll be blowed." In the subject of curriculum design and teaching, I got twenty four out of thirty. I am really surprised at this score. Hence, this is the best subject of any other subjects.
From this point of view, the strategy I use can really help me to write something that the judges want.

However, it's just the beginning. I still have lot more to work on. This is a long long way to go. Just I said before: "I am in the yellow brick road, but there's endless hope."
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