Design and Compose Teaching Portfolio is never an easy work.

After attending the teacher qualification examination, I have been working on this
program for nearly two weeks. To say more exactly, I just modified the original one
and tried to produce the quintessential version, for the very first one is high up to
the amount of 186 pages. Even that, modification still took me a lot of time, not
to speak to make the quintessential version.

In spite of that, I still finished this big work. After the modification, I started
up designing and composing the quintessential one. This version is only about 36
pages. It sounds totally incrediable, isn't it?! But I do really did it. It is
a tough work. I, however, am ever so glad that I can complete this working.

And now, I can truly take a break for a while until the consequence of the examination
is revealed. God bless me!! Let me pass it, please~
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