Horizontal heart? Horizontal mind? Horizontal emotion?

Vertical heart? Vertical mind? Vertical emotion?

Parallel heart? Parallel mind? Parallel emotion?

They all interweave with each other.

so complicaed...so perplexed

so bright...and......so dark

The kaleidoscopes of heart, mind, and emotion are ever so...variant and various.

What is true? What is false?---I don't know.

Wake-up? Depression?---how do you define it?

Figure out. How?

Attribution. Where?

Friend? Enemy? Who?

Persistence? Why?

Tranquility. When?

Love. What?

So many how, where, who, why, when, and what in this world.

Hard to define!!

Hard to handle!!

Just let them go?

No!! Gotta face them.

It is the ONLY way.

Just follow the heart & feeling.


Ben's Now and Then:my life digest

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