I really enjoyed the school life a lot; however, I am going to graduate from the school this semester. So, I put all my effort to enjoy as many kind of activities as possible in school. From "Just Jazz" concert, all kind of ball competitions to School Anniversary, Live Concert, Christmas & Holloween Party, Fashion Clothing Design Competition, picture taking with underclassmen......and so forth, I cherish these precious experiences from deep in my heart. They are going to become an good old memories in the future. It is about time preparing to say goodbye to this scool. I think I will miss my days in school to the extreme. I have too many unforgettable memories here---happy, sad, sweet, sorrow, wonderful, and affective. In spite of these, I still need to move on. And that's what we called a "COMMENCEMENT"---ending is a beginning; beginning is an ending.

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