Love and Friendship 愛情與友誼
1. Why the Little Prince wanted to leave his planet? Why rose didn't

urge him not to leave?


2. The Little Prince has a fox. Why he wanted to keep moving?


3. What did the fox teach the Little Prince?


4. What did the Little Prince teach "I"?


Grow up and Childlikeness 成長與童心
1. Grown-ups didn't figure the picture of an elephant inside a boa

constrictor, why did the Little Prince understand it at the first sight?


2. What are your reactions to the six people on the six planets?


3. What are the author's critiques to the world of grown-ups?


4. Can the Little Prince subsist in society?


Author and Writing 作者與書寫
1. What is the relation between the author's career, grow up background and the work?


2. How will you feel if the background of story is not dessert?


3. What does the story begin and what does it end? That kind of echo let you think of what? How did the author deal with the death?



Think Deeply

1. What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. If life is desert, where is the well?


2. Is it important to understand the thing happened on the flower? For you, what is the important thing and when others disagree on the thing you think is important, what will you do? Can we see the real important thing? Can we feel it?


3. "Grown-ups feel themselves occupy very big space and think they themselves as important as the baobabs. They like figures and enjoy them." What do you think why the grown-ups lose their hearts of utter innocence?


4. Please describe the king, conceited man, tippler, businessman, lamplighter, and geographer. In the Little Prince's eyes, what are the characteristics of the grown-ups? Such as power, vanity, blindness, dedication...


5. Do you agree to the sentence " No one feel happy to the environment they have stayed." When you feel the thing do not as you wish in this place, will you consider changing an environment? Do you think changing an environment really can solve all the problems? How do you adjust yourself the unchangeable environment?


6. "If you love a flower that lives on some planet, then you just look up at the stars in the sky and you will feel every star bloom out flowers." In present society, do many people lose their warm hearts and only do things that good to them?


7. "Men set out on their way in express trains, but they do not know what they are looking for." Do you know what you are looking for? How to find the thing you really want to have?


8. Do you think that the Little Prince needed to tame the fox or not? Whether every foxes need the Little Prince to tame?


9. Does the stars twinkle in order to let everyone can find his or her way home? Does the lighthouses send out light in order to let every ship can find its way home?


10. Does the life contradictory? If it does, what should we do in order not to waste time?


11. Like the author has firmly believed that leave is a new beginning of a trip. That is a kind of commencement and another start of flying. For death, what attitude should we have?


12. What paragraph touch you the most in the book and why?


Other Questions

1. Bringing the Little Prince to get water beside the well, the author suddenly understood what he goes after. What is it?



Drinking water, the Little Prince and the author showed satisfying smile face. That included all of the endeavors they had paid when they were finding the water and a kind of mood of finding something invisible.


2. What did the fox in the story represent? Someone said that is a wit, but that is all?



It maybe represents "friend." You have good friends and some people also have you this good friend. The relation of each other is just as the Little Prince to the fox.


3. Does the Little Prince represent innocence? Then why did he cry after seeing five thousand roses?



The Little Prince is your "heart", your emotion. The reason he cry is that he felt that he himself hasn't the ability of stopping his rose from feeling sad. He felt he is nothing. He was not cry for himself.


4. Do you agree with the fox’s point? "It is enough that man just only knows the friends he has tamed." Does that kind of love isn’t very selfish?



That is so-called a man. No one has the ability of looking after the whole people in the world, but it has to care surely. However, to care and to look after are very different. If every individual in the world has his own friends and family to take care of each other, then it's not so important whether that man has looked after the whole people in the world or not.


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