Chapter 10: the Little Prince VS the King
What is judging oneself?

Chapter 11: the Little Prince VS the conceited man
What is adoration and admiration?

Chapter 12: the Little Prince VS the tippler
How to wipe out a disgrace?

Chapter 13: the Little Prince VS the businessman
What is possession?

Chapter 14: the Little Prince VS the lamplighter
What is order and commission?

Chapter 15: the Little Prince VS the geographer
What is eternity? What is the most valuable?

Chapter 17: the Little Prince VS the snake
What is the difference between solitude and loneness?

Chapter 18: the Little Prince VS the flower that has three petals
Going away with the wind. What is the meaning the rootless businessman represents?

Chapter 19: the Little Prince VS the valley echo
Who is the Little Prince? Who is the author? For each individual, who am I?

Chapter 21: the Little Prince VS the fox
What is tameness?

What is the relation between the articles sold and bought in a store and friend?

What is the only one in the world?

What is the real thing that can't be seen with eyes?

Chapter 22: the Little Prince VS the railway switchman
What do the grown-ups go after?

Chapter 24: the Little Prince VS the author
"The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen. ... What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. ... The house, the stars, the desert ---what gives them their beauty is something that is invisible!" What messages did the author want to deliver through these images?

Chapter 27:

Why did the Little Prince return to his original planet?

Other themes:

一、Anti Adult's Social Valuation

1.Anti authority:

For children, grown-ups are the representation of authority. Grown-up's grown-up is the king, who is the acme of authority. From the past "the winner is the king" to the democratic society nowadays, who really can judge others fairly? In this world, which is more important to judge others or to judge yourself?

2.Anti Conceit

Conceited people, more often than not, have talent, arrogant, have some achievement or have status in society. However, what is adoration? What kind of person needs to be adored? Confucius had ever said: "I am not worried about others don't know me, but worried about I don't know others."

3.Anti waste money at will

For rootless businessmen, where is the benefit where is the road. Human bring the advance of matter because of the progress of civilization. The connection of person and capitalism deepen person's desire for the physical things. Relatively, it also deepens indifference between people and people.

二 、The theory of Rescuing

It's no doubt that The Little Prince is just like a sharp knife. It cuts human's tumor. We know the importance of friend and understand that friend can't be bought by money. Only when we make friends with heart can we get the true friends. The Little Prince's trip draws the outline of the world's ugliness. He used his life to recall the author's original zeal for the life and used his death to rescue the author's loss for the world. The Little Prince came from the lightless space and returned to the lightless illusory scene.

參考文獻:聖修伯里。小王子 Le Petit Prince。桂冠圖書。

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