The summary of this book is that the author Antoine Saint-Exupery, who had been inculcated by grown-ups since he was a little boy, should devote himself to geography, history, arithmetic and grammar instead of drawing strange pictures. After growing up, he also got admirable job --- flying a plane. One day, he was forced to land the plane in the desert because the plane had something wrong. In the desert, he met the Little Prince. They built profound friendship and went into each other's soul. The book also mentions the Little Prince's travel and many subjects of life. The Little Prince lived in his planet alone. He cleaned two active volcanoes and one extinct volcano everyday in order to let them burning softly but not erupt. He, alertly, too, removed baobabs, which look like the same as the tender shoots of roses lest they grow too big to make the whole planet burst. The living was very simple until the rose in his life had appeared. The rose aroused the love in the heart of the Little Prince. She was ever so arrogant and willful but very beautiful. She kept on criticizing and censuring. At last, that made the Little Prince's confidence collapsed. He felt sad and discouraged extremely and decided to go away. He wanted to find an intimate and seek back himself. He wanted to recover from the sorrow, which the love had brought to him. What's more, he also wanted to undo the perplexity of the love.

The Little Prince had been to six planets and had seen six solitary lives falling into obstinacy deeply. At last, he arrived in the earth. At first, the Little Prince met a snake. He detected the secret of the death. Afterward, the Little Prince established the relation of tameness with the fox and he learned the truth of love. Finally, the Little Prince actively found the cold and cheerless author. From the first step into the author's soul of the Little Prince understood the picture of an elephant inside a boa constrictor at the first sight to the Little Prince kept knocking the author's soul shell which had become hard day after day because of the socialization, each time's disputation and tears, finally makes the author's active soul revive and unfold. Drinking water, afterward, the Little Prince and the author showed satisfying smile face. That included all of the endeavors they had paid when they were finding the water. At last, the Little Prince ended his travel and returned to his planet.

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