Maybe you have the same question with me: what is life for? What is learning for? I think that everyone’s choice for the life no other than comes from the experience of life. To pick up a road that you think is much more easy to walk. The ability of choosing is a kind of accumulation of wisdom. When we can’t break through, it’s nature that our sight can’t get promotion, which results in following the predecessors’ fixed standard. If we follow this way and haven’t distraction, we can live in peace with each other then. However, It’s easy to choose, but hard to insist. I think, in my life, I often have such contradiction and anxiety. When I encounter a setback, it’s unavoidable that I would doubt the thought I insist. I would think whether it needs to modify or not; otherwise, why I can’t get others’ affirmative and support. I think the reason is that I, probably, can’t go after what I want in peace. The goal is uncertain. How can I to talk about insistence?

Therefore, I decided to read “The Little Prince”. I hope, from this story, I can get the answer I want. Though it can’t resolve all my perplexities, it is a kind of accumulation of experience after all. In the book, there are many dialogues to let readers to think over, such as “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly”. It’s just as everyone’s choice for the life has no right and wrong because of different views of value. It’s only whether the state of mind is spacious or not. Though in such varying phase, it still needs to depend on the accumulation of wisdom. Try to modify the pursuit of self at any time and try to find the lifestyle that real suit to yourself.


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