It's a Saturday night.

It's a lonely night.

After busying several days, litte do I think

today I can't find anyone to talk with on this

lonely Saturday night.

What else I can say?

I just can listen to the music and drink a little red wine.

sometimes wacthing TV

sometimes surfing the internet

sometimes revise my study

and sometimes staring at the star

twinkling in the deep dark night

and then waiting for sleeping

waiting sleepiness bring me into the nice dream

and a new day will begin

begin for busying

begin for anything

or begin for the beginning

I feel tired very much

really, really, very tired

day after day, year after year

today I feel a litte sad, a little lonely, a little tranquil, a little.....

may be I'm just using my heart to experience

the original favor of life


Ben's Now and Then:my life digest

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